West End Trading Post Rules

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West End Trading Post Rules

Post by Karma on Sun May 21, 2017 5:33 pm

The West End Trading Post is a MODIFIED KILL/COLLAR/CAPTURE zone. Prodigy is the combat system used at West End Trading Post. All Combat will be judged by the Site Judge(s) or a judge that has been mutually agreed upon. FUN raids are accepted within WETP. Raids are in accordance with the sites Raid Rules.

1) You must abide by all PoD site rules and our room rules in order to roleplay here. By entering this room you agree that you have read and understood the rules established and mentioned herein. Ignorance of them is not an excuse for violations. We ask you to keep in mind the following:

  • No Anonymous names or dots of any kind. You will be warned once and then booted.
    Limited animal roleplay is allowed. Please do not abuse this privilege.
  • Messengers are permitted provided you enter with a golden sash and a proper name.
  • Observers and Cheery O's may safely visit as long as you remain observing. If you speak, please limit it to asking questions that pertain to the room. Let it be known that being an observer is not a free pass. We reserve the right to collar if it seems like the thing to do.
  • Collared slaves are welcome to visit the Post. Please mind your manners or you will be caged and your Home/Owner notified. Your Owner will have one hand to fetch you. If you are not claimed, you will become property of the ETP.
  • Unowned slaves would not be roaming about the trading post, the docks, or within the surrounding forest; however, you are welcome with this caveat: After some roleplay, we reserve the right to collar. The Post does not have its own collar, you will be enslaved to either the Inn, the Forge, or the Tavern.
  • Assassins are recognised within The West End Trading Post. The Assassin must come in with full tags and must have an active contract in order to fulfill it. This means you must have scripts of being hired, which includes the IC Gorean Playing Character who has paid for the contract. These will be asked of you so please come prepared, otherwise any assassination roleplay in WETP will be considered null and void. Go find your mark elsewhere.
  • Please do not PM anyone without permission. That includes slave and free alike.

2) We do not allow for taking thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams into active roleplay. If you said it, though, you own it so long as your words are (or could be) heard by someone else in roleplay. Your thoughts are your own and cannot be taken into active roleplay, we cannot stress this enough. If you do not like this concept, go roleplay somewhere else. Also, you cannot take things that are said on any venue of social media and make it IC knowledge in here (also known as metagaming). We consider those venue's to be OOC no matter what connotation that interaction was. For example, if you roleplay on Discord or Skype that you collared a woman on a chat site, that roleplay does NOT carry over to IC roleplay unless such has been agreed upon by both parties, not just you.

3) SEX!!! Please keep all sexual roleplay in private. While we are all big boys and girls and can scroll right on by what we do not wish to read, we do not wish to be privy to your private matters and affairs.

4) We ask that you please do not gender bend in our room. We ask that you play the gender you identify with behind the keyboard. While we do believe in gender equality, we simply ask that you be the gender you personally identify in your real life.

5) There is no dualling. I don't like it, I've never liked it, and I find it grossly dishonest.

6) Secondary Characters are accepted in WETP. Please see the rules posted here on the message board. You MUST register your secondary character before entering it into the Trading Post.


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