The Post Watch

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The Post Watch

Post by Karma on Sun May 21, 2017 1:37 pm

The Trading Post Watch is a force of men who are primarily responsible for not only defending the post, but maintaining peace and order within the walls of it.

The Watch is comprised of mercenaries, outlaws and rarii who have pledged protection to the Post.

Sentries: Sentries are men of The Watch are placed strategically throughout the territory of the West End Trading Post, outside of the palisade walls. These sentries are well hidden and range from the edge of the forest by the Laurius River, within the forest surrounding the post, and within the forest of the owned logging areas.

Guards: There are guards at the docks, at the gates of the post, in look out points on the palisade walls and within the post itself. There are 16 guards.

Captains: There is a Captain of The Watch and a Captain of the Guard. The Captain of the Watch answers to the Captain of The Watch.


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