Secondary Character - Rules

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Secondary Character - Rules

Post by Karma on Thu May 25, 2017 9:09 pm

Residents and slaves of the West End Trading Post (herein after called WETP) are permitted to play Secondary Characters as long as the following rules are adhered to. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the loss of the ability to have SC's and further consequences may be applied as per the Room Owner, Karma. PLEASE NOTE: By creating a secondary character you are agreeing to adhere to the following rules, so make sure to read carefully and ask questions if something is unclear. Ignorance will not be an accepted excuse.

  1. Only fully approved residents of WETP may create secondary characters to play in the Post, but only after they have been a permanent member for one month (real-time) . **All secondary characters must be registered [ HERE ] prior to entering the Trading Post. All players shall display visible indication of their secondary character in their tags. For example:

    Frost the Hunter
    Secondary Character Played by Karma
    West End Trading Post, PoD

  2. Secondary characters can be ignored by those who do not wish to participate in the story. If a player does not wish to interact with a secondary character, please be courteous and PM the player of the secondary character and let them know. Respect the wishes of those who do not desire to interact with secondary characters.

  3. Members may only have up to 2 secondary characters per player.

  4. Secondary characters are not to be played more than a primary character.

  5. Secondary characters will not be underage (as site rules apply).

  6. All secondary characters must be based solely in the Trading Post.

  7. Gender bending is permitted for secondary characters ONLY and transparency is required.

  8. Secondary characters cannot cause permanent harm to primary characters, but they can capture in WETP's borders and detain hostiles. They may also defend in raids and participate in hunts and chases. Please note that secondary characters may be killed or captured.

  9. Secondary characters cannot destroy anything that cannot be repaired.

  10. Secondary characters may not own or enslave any primary character.

  11. Secondary characters cannot force a primary character into companionship.

  12. Secondary characters can own businesses, but only with the Room Owner's approval. The businesses currently up for potential SC ownership are: The Tavern, The Slaver House (at the rear of the Tavern), and the Bakery/Cafe.

Note: Thank you to Calista on ImagineChat for the Guidelines set forth for Secondary Characters; and the creators of Bosk Head Station on RPO, and Minus on IC for their rules regarding Secondary Characters. Also thank you to Dev and Dhal for suggestions and support while creating/tweaking/implementing these rules.


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